A work in progress… I may not agree with EVERYTHING in some of the videos and documents that I will be adding here, but I will try to explain why and offer my own opinions as to what I believe is right.  Disclaimer:  Nothing here should be interpreted as “legal advice.”  I am NOT a lawyer, but I play one in a courtroom (Pro Se Litigant).  If you are in danger, please dial 911 and hold your breath.  ;-)

REMEMBER THIS:  Your rights are NOT given to you by the Constitution, any government (even your “representatives”), or any legislation.  Surprised?  Re-read the Constitution and UNDERSTAND that it is simply a CHARTER (a contract) between the individual sovereign states (all 50 now, plus other “acquired” territories).  This charter assures the individual states that the “federal” government will not abuse their limited powers and usurp the rights of We The People.  The Declaration of Independence acknowledges that your rights are unalienable, which means they are inseparable from you because your rights are granted by your CREATOR, whomever or whatever that means to you (there is NO higher authority).  Government employees are PUBLIC SERVANTS.  They serve our needs and even take oaths swearing to uphold our rights, both unalienable and inalienable.  Failure to do so is a violation of your natural and lawful rights and is treasonous.

Here’s the problem:  We all have been DECEIVED by a hidden agenda to take back CONTROL over the people, much the way tyrant Kings and other pompous, elitist, and imperialistic “rulers” have done in the past!!!  We The People and the “Founding Fathers” declared our INDEPENDENCE in 1776 and many fought and died to give us that freedom from our oppressors.  “They” took it back, like a thief in the night, through deception, trickery, and FEAR!

It is FUNDAMENTAL that you understand this… You are NOT a corporate “person“, you are a HUMAN BEING of flesh and blood!!!  It is VERY important to remember that.  Black’s Law Dictionary states that there are two types of “person”… natural and corporate.  I prefer to avoid using the word “person”, even for the “natural” one (I use living and breathing human being).  Your corporate “person” (your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) is a fictitious representation of you for “legal” corporate purposes (a.k.a. your “Straw Man”).  An even more important FACT to understand is that no one can be forced to be governed without their expressed or written CONSENT (inalienable rights).  Unfortunately, you were deceived into consenting (giving up your natural rights) when you use your signature on ANY government documents or when you speak to a police officer, judge, etc.  Your signature or sworn statements bind you to an “agreement” between two parties (a legal CONTRACT).  That’s why you have always been told “Anything you say or do can, and WILL, be used against you…”.  DON’T CONSENT TO ANYTHING.  If you have not broken any actual laws (constitutional, not statutes or criminal code), stay calm and respectful but also stand firm and be confident.

The difference between the two types of “laws”, better known as “legalese” is explained in detail in the famous dictionary used by all courtrooms (Black’s Law Dictionary);

  1. Legal = Corporate/Business law or Commercial Code (statutes, acts, and other “Legislation“).  These codes were created as a means of CONTROL.  The Constitution and International charters state that a person (natural or corporate) can NOT be governed without their CONSENT.
  2. Lawful = Your rights, granted by the SUPREME AUTHORITY (your Creator).  These unalienable rights can NEVER be removed or separated from you, regardless of any so-called “laws”, which are not actually laws but corporate legislation (statutes, by-laws, acts, etc…).

Get Out and Stay Out of Jail:

Are you ready to be free? Click the image above.

The Arraignment, Your Secret Phrases, UCC, And The Crown Empire

20 Lies Every American Should Know!

Don’t trust “rumors” or stories that “a friend of a friend told me so”… Do your own research.  Don’t trust me either.  Verify EVERYTHING yourself!!!

Don’t believe everything you read ;-)

Below, I will attempt to lay out different examples of how to protect your fundamental rights under various circumstances, and what to do when all else fails.

To aid in your understanding of your rights, I will soon try to upload some e-books and documents for your education.  Here is one that I highly recommend reading… immediately:

Sui Juris - The Truth in the Record


Police Encounters for Dummies:

10 most basic rules to flex your rights

I don’t like the use of the term “dummies” coming from someone who wants me to buy their books or video, but unfortunately in today’s dumbed-down society, there are definitely a lot of “dummies” out there who screw up BIG TIME by using or dealing in dangerous drugs (prescription and illegal) that, when abused, can lead to some VERY BAD behavior (‘zombie’ effect, death, psycho gun massacres, rape, robbery, murder, etc.).  I also don’t have much sympathy for the fools who make the decision to use these toxic chemicals for their own selfish pleasure or profit (including the Pharmaceutical industry and the corrupt DEA).  Note:  I do NOT consider the recreational and responsible use of Cannabis (“marijuana”) as dangerous or unlawful, nor do I consider this amazing and healing herb as a “drug”.  It is the worlds finest and most thoroughly researched MEDICINE in history, but it also has different effects on different people based on a wide range of factors (mental and physical health, childhood and family life, friends, lifestyle, etc.).

No one has EVER died from using Cannabis in over ten thousand years of its known use and the majority of prisoners in our MASSIVE prison system are incarcerated for non-violent “crimes”, usually possession of Cannabis or related “Paraphernalia” (1 out of every 6 for Cannabis).  Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars that could be used to feed, cloth, educate, house, and heal people are being thrown away on a corrupt and barbaric prison system that mockingly refers to itself as a means of “reform” (new-speak for indoctrinate).  Once “in the system” and doing imprisoned slave labor for a “private-security” corporation, you are permanently “branded” with a criminal mark on your “official record” (if you survive).  There is a better way!  Educate yourself, learn your true rights and freedoms, act responsibly, enjoy your life, but DON’T infringe upon the rights of others.  Peace!

Do Not Consent: The Path to American Freedom

“The Anti-Terrorist” on dealing with the Police Parts 1 & 2

Social Security, The Real Truth:

Terminating Your SSN:

  • File the form 20 CFR 3 A7 404.1905

If you have questions, the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be reached at 1-800-772-1213.

  • Inform the SSA customer service representative that you are not a state or federal employee.
  • Get the SSA customer service representative’s I.D. number FOR THE RECORD.
  • Get your local SSA office address and phone number.
  • Visit the local office or send in your SSN card with a letter (certified), stating you wish to terminate your SSN, as it is voluntary.  You might even want the letter with your signature to be notarized.
  • You should receive a letter stating that you have terminated your SSN and your employers withholdings can be terminated as well, if employed.

Opening a Bank Account Without a SSN:

  • Inform the bank that you terminated your SSN legally, in accordance with 20 CFR 3 A7 404.1905
  • Inform the bank that they can NOT be held legally responsible by anyone for failing to obtain a SSN from you pursuant to 31 CFR 103.34(a)(1)
  • Inform the bank that under the Internal Revenue Code, IRC Section 6041, they are not even required to provide ANY taxpayer I.D. numbers on Form 1099 that they file with the IRS at the end of the year.
  • Inform the bank that pursuant to 26 CFR 301.6109-1(c), that they are under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to obtain a SSN from you.
  • Inform the bank that 42 USC 408 makes it a FELONY to use threat, duress, or coercion to try to force a person by fear or deceipt to provide his/her SSN in an unlawful manner.

Working Without a SSN:

Interesting link:

Oath Keepers:

Click for link

This organization was created by various members of the military, law enforcement, lawyers, and others who actually stand behind the oath they swore to defend your rights against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  They are shining examples of patriots in another age of tyranny brought upon by the current “Police State” that puts the wants of CORPORATIONS ahead of the rights and needs of We The People (FASCISM and TYRANNY).

Sheriff Mack – Power of the County Sheriff

Sheriff Tony DeMeo – One

When dealing with corrupt “officials”:

It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with an out of control Police State.  Protect yourself and your family by being prepared for the “worst case scenario”.  YOU are the true owners and power in this country.  “Police” are PEACE OFFICERS and PUBLIC SERVANTS.  They work for you!!!  What “authority” does an employee have over his employer?  None, especially when that employee swore an oath (consented) to serve and protect the rights of his/her employers (YOU).  And you, are a child of your CREATOR, so no mere man can override the rights granted to you by the supreme authority.  Even the Supreme Court has ruled that no one can be forced to be governed without their expressed consent.  Again, don’t consent to giving up your rights!

Ex-DEA agent, Barry Cooper With Judge Napolitano -Barry Loses Son- 2010


911 Caller With Gun in Home Invasion

If, and more likely when, the SHTF, We The People of all colors and creeds (clans, tribes, etc.) must come together to fight against a global government run by parasitic corporations and bankers.  However, if you are not PROPERLY trained and experienced at using a firearm, you need to do that ASAP, otherwise you could end up DEAD or facing a long time in prison for an accidental injury or death from one of your “stray” bullets.  Practice, drill, practice, drill, …!  Although the motive behind the following video was anti-gun PROPAGANDA, it is just one example of what “could” go wrong if you are not paying attention to the BIG PICTURE around you (360 degrees) or if you are stupid enough to pick up a weapon while “high” or drunk:

Krav Maga (Hebrew for “Contact Combat” or “Combat Training”)

Simple, fast, and potentially deadly means of self-defense used by the Israeli military, police, Mossad, etc.  They have also been using this extreme “Mixed-Martial-Art” for training given to US Secret Service, CIA, Marines, Special Forces, and other “Homeland Security” agents.  The most frightening part of this is that “private security” companies based in Israel (or run by “dual citizenship” Israeli’s) are now training LOCAL POLICE,  SHERIFF’S, and HOMELAND SECURITY to use against YOU.  Ever wonder how a small cop manages to quickly bring a large man down on his face before putting a knee into his throat, ribs, or internal organs?  And, of course, the officer follows this brutal action with his proverbial BS proclamation; “STOP RESISTING” (bam!), “STOP RESISTING” (bam!), “STOP RESISTING” (bam!)………..  Now you know!!!  Study it, practice it, and teach your children.  This is not a GAME, so treat this very dangerous “art” with respect and only use it for SELF-DEFENSE of you and/or your loved ones.

Many other videos similar to the one above are available by clicking on the YOUTUBE logo on the bottom right of the video.  Also, do a Google search.

Callin All The Clans Together

(united we stand against tyranny)



“Are we at last brought to such an humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense? Where is the difference between having our arms under our own possession and under our own direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?”

Patrick Henry

The Rebellious Stripes Flag, adopted by the Sons of Liberty in 1767

The Gadsden Flag was adopted by various American revolutionaries in 1775

This will be a MAJOR project of mine, so please stay tuned for lots of excellent videos, documents, guidebooks, historical references, and other EDUCATIONAL tools to keep you out of jail and out of harms way.


© Kevin Wright and, 2011-2012.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kevin Wright and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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